Sunday, December 8, 2013

Home Stretch! Almost done!

Tuesday 10 December, How to use the notion of an epistemological project
·       Berger and Radeloff as a lens on the rest of the books

So how does the idea of an epistemological project help us consider being a women’s studies student and what we want that to mean in each of our lives? How do we put all the class texts into that context?

Thursday 12 December, LAST DAY! Learning, sharing, making, doing, thinking, acting
On our last day we will share with each other our thoughts on how what we know has changed during our time together. 
·       DUE THURSDAY THE LAST DAY IN CLASS: LOGBOOK 4, LEARNING ANALYSIS IN HARD COPY & ALSO SENT ELECTRONICALLY; website splash page and data. (And anything not yet turned in.)
·       Send to , use filename <yrlastname> 300 LEARNING ANALYSIS or LOGBOOK4 or whatever. Subject header SHOULD BE THE SAME.


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