Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a week without class: of work ahead, and of meditations and celebrations....

Tuesday 26 November, NO CLASS: WORK AHEAD DAY for Website & Learning Analysis
• Look at and download Instructions for the Learning Analysis: LOOK AT END OF SCHEDULE FOR INSTRUCTIONS TO SUBMIT!
• What are you curating on your website? How does it include what you have learned in this class? Could it be an on-going portfolio of your experiences?
• On the last day of class for the website you will turn in a screenshot or digital pic of your website main or Splash page, a drawing or screenshot of the structure of your site. You will give the url or web address, a few sentences about why you chose your platform and its best features for your purposes, and a bit about why you structured it as you did. 


Many meanings to Thanksgiving, this time and all times. In the midst of celebrations consider the histories of all entangled through these days....


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